B.A.Hons (Sociology). Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Social Studies, Qualification Certificate in Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma Social Science.  Post Graduate Diploma Psychology.  MNZPS.  LEADR Mediation.


Kate has been in private practice since 1990.  She is a consultant to the Family Court and the Ministry of Social Development.

Areas of practice address:

  • childcare arrangements after parental
  • separation
  • parenting capacities
  • childrens behaviour problems
  • post trauma counselling
  • reunification of children and parents
  • clinical supervision

Kate’s background covers work in the UK as a Family Therapist before a move to New Zealand in 1980.  On arrival she worked as a therapist at Auckland Hospital with both in patients and out patients of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services.  She moved into Adult Mental Health Services as a team leader and specialist therapist with the Eating Disorders Unit and the Psychosomatic Pain Team.  She was a Regional Adviser on Mental Health Services before employment with Child Youth & Family.
Kate worked in care and protection services in supervisory, clinical and training roles. In a regional training role Kate orientated staff to the Children Young Persons and their Families Act 1989.  She provided training for field staff in the screening of children and young people for physical and sexual abuse.  Other areas of work and interest included managing the pilot scheme for the Foster Care of older children, Family Therapy and Groupwork.  Her last employment with Child Youth & Family was with Te Puawaitahi, a multi-agency coordinated service centre.

Kate has provided specialist reports and expert witness testimony to the Family Court since 2001.  Kate completed a training in mediation in 2010.

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