PhD (Psychology), Dip. Clin. Psych., MA (Hons) Psychology, Dip Teaching, Registered Psychologist


Gail Ratcliffe did her training in both New Zealand and the US.  She is a specialist in the field of stress, depression, including postnatal and other forms of hormonally related depression, bullying, burnout, physical and emotional abuse, phobias, OCD, trauma and anxiety related disorders.  She also advises on Family Court matters.  She has worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the areas of practice, University teaching, research and public policy, both in New Zealand and the United States.  She has testified as an expert witness in the area of stress, family violence and trauma, in Courts in both New Zealand and the USA.

Gail’s focus in treatment is on helping you to enhance your potential as well as to overcome your barriers to happiness.  She is the author of “Take Control of Your Life: the Five Step Stress Management Plan” and its sequel, “The Five Step Plan to Health and Happiness,” sold in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.  She is also co-author of “Social Psychology: Science and Application,” a University text dealing with pure and applied research and with the psychology of people in groups.  She is a consultant to the Family Court and Child Youth and Family Services, and has wide experience in the area of forensic psychology.

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