Our Clinical Team

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Sarah Calvert

Sarah works primarily as a Clinical Psychologist undertaking assessments for the Criminal and Family Courts, ACC and other agencies.  She provides professional supervision for psychologists, psychotherapists and other allied professions. She provides individual treatment (both short and long term) for individuals and couples and has a long standing interest in family therapy.
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Traude Leibbrand

Traude works with a wide range of commonly presented problems like anxiety, depression, work related stress and eating issues.  She has a special interest in supporting clients to resolve past or recent trauma.  She is registered as a treatment provider for ACC for clients with a physical injury, for EAP services and Insurance companies.
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Gail Ratcliffe

Gail is a specialist in the field of stress and depression, including post natal depression and other forms of hormonally related depression, bullying, burn-out, physical and emotional abuse, phobias, OCD, trauma and anxiety related disorders.  Her focus in treatment is on helping you enhance your potential.
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Eileen Swan

Eileen is a specialist in the areas of adult mental health, trauma, family therapy, parenting, organisational and change management, forensic issues, psychological assessments, chronic pain and cross cultural practice.
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Danute Leathem

Danute works with individuals and couples from the age of 16 years, in a wide variety of commonly experienced problems, such as depression, anxiety and stress, etc, and also the less usual issues that can challenge us.

She has thirty years experience and her focus is helping you achieve your goals in a welcoming collaborative and non-judgemental environment.

She is experienced in a wide variety of treatment modalities and will work with you to decide which will best address your needs.

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Kate Burke

Kate works in the Family Court and Ministry of Social Development.  She also specialises in advising on child care arrangements after parental separation, parenting capacities, children’s behaviour problems, post-trauma counselling, reunification of children and parents and clinical supervision. 
She is a registered counsellor for the sensitive claims unit of ACC.
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Megan Fowler

Megan specialises in child, adolescent and family psychology.  She has an interest in paediatric neuropsychology and specialises in neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury for ACC, the Auckland Concussion Service and for private clients.
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Virginia Farnsworth-Grodd

Virginia specialises in alcohol and drug problems, drink driving, Depression, Anxiety related disorders including Performance Anxiety and Stress, and coping with physical illness.  She also does Court Assessments.
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Julian Reeves

Julian works with a range of psychological referrals and has special expertise in dealing with depression and anxiety disorders.  He has wide experience in the field of Health Psychology and in the management of pain and also offers relationship counselling.
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Katie Ritchie

Katie is a psychiatrist specialising in a wide range of psychiatric difficulties including depression, other mood disorders, anxiety and psychoses.  She has a particular interest in working with women and has expertise in crisis care, in drug and alcohol dependency and maternal mental health.
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Counsellor, Conflict Coach and Family Mediator:

Timothy McMichael

Timothy specialises in dispute resolution, and family mediation
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